Conditions of Booking for Tents & Tourers.

Your booking and /or arrival to the site assumes you have read, understood & agree to abide by the simple rules, which will enable everyone to enjoy their holiday.

Covid 19

Please ensure you are familiar with our additional Covid 19 rules which can be READ IN FULL HERE.

  1. Bookings are from 2.30pm on day of arrival to 10.30am on day of departure, unless otherwise arranged. We have parking available for those travelling at other times.

Fees are due ON ARRIVAL and for the number of nights BOOKED. We will not guarantee availability

for nights not paid. There will be no exceptions.

  1. One car per pitch. Arrangements must be made in advance for additional cars. (£2.00 per day peak season for extra cars at our discretion)
  2. No one can pitch between 10pm and 8 am and you must make advance arrangements with us to park in the late arrivals area – peak season.
  3. Pitches must be occupied by 7pm on arrival date. Please let us know if you are going to be late. Pitches will be re-let if we are not contacted, with no refund.
  4. Deposits & fees are not refundable in the event of cancellation by you, or due to circumstances beyond our control. Please ensure you have travel insurance or accept the liabilities as in our extended Covid19 T&C

Everyone travelling should have suitable Travel Insurance Policy in place.

  1. Pitches are allocated on arrival and must be adhered to. Please check your pitch number before pitching and report back to the reception if you feel there is a problem or you are not sure to prevent being asked to move.
  2. We will do our best to allocate your favoured pitch but due to any unforeseen circumstances this cannot be guaranteed.
  3. You must follow the pitching requirements displayed and respect the privacy of your neighbours and potential neighbours at all times. Your pitch is BETWEEN the posts including cars and water carriers etc.
  4. Groups of all ages (+ 5 or more people) will be charged a “good behaviour guarantee” bond which will be returned on your departure if we’ve had no cause to remind you of our requirements etc.

Site Rules

  1. Any incidents/ accidents must be reported to the reception. Please inform us of any problems immediately.
  2. Bikes, skate boards must be ridden with due consideration to other visitors. No bikes or skateboards to be ridden near entrances & washrooms. 
  3. Damage. Anyone found defacing or causing damage to any building, equipment or property faces immediate eviction & prosecution.
  4. Day Visitors. ALL visitors must report to reception and register their details. The site is not a car park for friends & family.
  5. Fires. Strictly no open fires. BBQ`s are allowed but must be raised off the ground to avoid damage to pitch. They must be dampened down properly and NO HOT BBQ`s TO BE PUT IN THE BINS. No Chinese Lanterns.
  6. Supermarket deliveries are not permitted on site. We encourage use of local suppliers and businesses, many of whom already delivery to the site shop daily.

Specialist camping fire pits etc may be permitted at our discretion, but we reserve the right at all times to request you to put out any fires that we feel are a danger or cause nuisance to other site users or equipment.

  1. Ground Sheet. Breathable ground sheets must be used. We request that sheets are lifted periodically and awning sides opened to allow pitches to air. You will allow us to inspect your pitch condition and help with remedial action. We expect you to assist us in pitch maintenance as required.
  2. Guns. Toy firing guns, including BB guns are not permitted.
  3. Noise. In respect of others, radios, television etc to be kept at a low volume. The playing of instruments etc is to be kept low at all times so as not to disturb others. We expect the site to be quiet between 10.00pm and 8am.
  4. You will respect our neighbours and their property at all times. Please return from the beach etc quietly.

Bring your rubbish back and use bins provided. Groups congregating and reported for unsociable behaviour will be asked to leave the site. If enjoying the view – point by the bench we ask you to respect this special place and do not disturb the owners. It is private property and we are grateful you are able to enjoy it.

  1. Parents – ensure you know where your children are, you will be responsible for your children’s actions and we expect them to be back at your pitch by 9.00pm. Do not allow them to congregate in areas you cannot supervise.
  2. All signs must be adhered to – they are there for a reason.
  3. Speed limit – bottom gear applies throughout the site. Headlights must be kept dipped at night. We reserve the right to ask you to use the car park if returning late at night. Stay on the roadways when possible.
  4. Waste water hoses etc must be connected and containers emptied – there will be a fee payable if we tip on your behalf. Motorhomes must empty at the service points provided. It’s offensive to allow your waste water to empty as you drive away.
  5. Washing of cars & caravans on site is prohibited.
  6. The management & staff reserve the right to introduce any actions or restrictions deemed necessary to ensure the comfort and safety of our visitors at any time & without notice.
  7. Unsociable & disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and we ask that any problems are reported immediately so action can be taken.
  8. Dogs – Dog owners have a duty of care to all site users and our farm stock. Dogs must be wormed and you MUST pick up after your dogs WHEREVER THEY FOUL. Bags must be placed in rubbish bins – not dumped in the hedges!

Neospora Caninum found in dog faeces is responsible for an increase of abortions in cattle.

Your dogs must be kept on a lead AT ALL TIMES – even on surrounding fields. We will have no hesitation in asking irresponsible owners to leave the site.

  1. No photographing of Trevedra Staff without consent.
  2. The flying of Drones is not permitted.

The businesses and owners accept no responsibility or liability for accidents, injuries or losses whatsoever.

Trevedra Farm is a working farm. Visitors must not trespass into the farm buildings, onto machinery or into fields.