Meet Your Hosts

Trevedra Farm is listed in the Domesday Book and was known as Treveddrah which means ‘The Farm On The Beach’ Gwynver means ‘white water’

John is the 4th generation of the Nicholas family to farm Trevedra. His Great Grandfather was a miner before becoming a farmer. They used to graze cattle on the cliffs above the beach.

Wendy also worked on her family farm until they married in 1989. With two sons, Christopher currently teaching in Surrey and Philip now 5th generation working on the farm, Trevedra is in safe hands.

John & Wendy are passionate about the farm and have strived to produce the best cattle possible with high standards of husbandry and welfare. It’s an ongoing joke that Wendy knows she is behind some 150 females when it comes to priorities. “We have a responsibility to look after them. They rely entirely on us”

When Jean & Michael retired from the campsite in 2002, John & Wendy had a clear idea of how they wanted to maintain the special Trevedra experience whilst improving the facilities on offer. Trevedra had to remain a relaxed family site catering for a range of expectations from long standing and new visitors. Families, young couples, surfers, young & old groups and retired visitors all love what we have to offer.

Our visitors make Trevedra a special place. With many returning for over 50 years and for generations their memories are cherished. New visitors remind us how lucky we are to live in such a fabulous area and we hope they too become regular returnees.

There is a great Trevedra Team that make everything possible and who work tirelessly to make sure everyone has a special time in West Cornwall. Each one of our team is vital to you enjoying your holiday, especially the ones you don’t necessarily see.

Wendy & John

John and Wendy Trevedra Farm Cornwall

The always helpful and great staff

Happy Staff at Trevedra Farm Cornwall

Just some of John’s girls

Johns Girls